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Nov 30, 2012 7:00am PST
know the saying we all have a twin somewhere in the world. sometimes people say i have a twin right in this room, natalie and i often get confused on the plaza. >> if i was five inches taller. >> maybe on my best day. >> something to think about. we all have a doppelganger people say, we will talk about that a little later on. you always say people confuse you with brad pitt. >> clooney or pitt. >>> we start with overnight developments in the search for the lucky powerball winners. nbc kerry sanders in dearborn, missouri. we will learn the identity of the state's multimillionaire in a number of hours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. actually, the officials have now told me the name, it is out there, 51-year-old cindy hill and her 52-year-old husband, mark. her name precedes his because she is the one that bought the ticket, but there's no question they're going to share the money, say they're going to share it with their three adult children, with their nieces and nephews, and going to share it with their six-year-old adopted daughter a china. she already has one
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
a while. now, it's not as big, but another big solar company is going under after taking out loans. twin creek technologies headquartered in san jose is liquidating, also bad news for the state of mississippi which gave twin creeks $26 million in loans. twin creeks like other solar companies says it felt the pressure of competition from cheaper solar panels made in china. yahoo! meanwhile having trouble in mexico. a mexican court today ordered the sunnyvale company to pay $2.7 billion to a pair of companiy ies in a contract disp over a listing service. yahoo! called the claims without merit. we'll keep you posted. we've got positive news and update to all the shopping stories we've done lately. game console sales which had been fairly dorm p ant just exploded. pre-holiday numbers in showed nearly 2 million consoles sold in the united states just last week. raj? >> thank you, scott. >>> an 18 month long battle between a resecyclsiek ecycling san francisco is over. the company has until next wednesday to leave the property. the center has been there for more than 40 years. the city wants t
Nov 29, 2012 12:35am PST
, parallel lives and careers. we're almost like a sort of -- i don't know. we're like the pair of twins that we're born together but separated at birth and, sort of, didn't meet again until years later. >> jimmy: and you got on really well. >> but -- get on great. absolutely. he's a brilliant, brilliant actor. and i was very intimidated, you know, first meeting him. >> jimmy: helen mirren intimidated by an actor? >> well, it was the great anthony hopkins, of course. >> jimmy: true, but you're the great helen mirren. he's probably intimidated as well.. >> yeah, but i never played hannibal lecter. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's great. i didn't think about that. yeah, you're right. you're right. you're right. he's so good. >> i used to -- he's excellent in everything he does. >> jimmy: this is the basic story behind this is that hitchcock's directing "psycho." >> yes. >> jimmy: and basically you're -- you're very close partners as well as being, you know, husband/wife. >> well alma -- alma reville was hitchcock's wife. and she was very much in the shadows. but as people who know, know, she
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3